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ODOR-X #210

(Item Number : 210 )

  • Product Description : ODOR-X is a plumbing maintenance product that utilizes naturally occurring, non pathogenic, enzyme producing bacteria.  ODOR-X rids plumbing lines & grease traps of grease and organic buildup & leaves pipes free flowing by eliminating clogs.

  • Recommended For Use On : This product uses the natural digesting action of several selected strains of naturally occurring, enzyme producing bacteria to breakdown and liquefy fat, oil, grease, and other organic matter.  Regularly added to the system, it will keep all drains and plumbing free flowing, odor free, and will reduce the need for expensive pump outs.

  • Application : Hard Surfaces, Grout, Kitchens, and Bathrooms - Dilute with equal parts of warm tap water. Apply liberally to area of malodor. Let air dry. Product works best when allowed to penetrate porous surfaces that the sources of many malodors thrive in. Repeat daily until odor disappears. Carpet - Dilute with equal parts warm water - Remove any remaining source of odor or spot. Apply to spot area and around it, fully saturating it. Gently agitate product into spot from outside of spot to inside. Place a towel, moistened with diluted product, over spot area. Leave for 24 hours and keep moist. Microbial action will rid source of malodor. Difficult cases may require repeated treatments. Test product with white towel in inconspicuous area for colorfastness first. Dumpsters, Trash Chutes, and Trash Compactors - Dilute with equal parts of warm tap water. Put in pump up applicator or bottle with trigger nozzle. Apply liberally to all hard surfaces & walls starting at the top and working down. Powerful microbial action will begin digesting organic source of bad odors. Repeat regularly.

  • Safety : OSHA Form 20, non-flammable, non-irritating. Shelf life-two years.

  • Safety And stability : ODOR-X is environmentally safe and non-toxic. Contains no harsh chemicals, corrosive or dangerous chemicals.

  • Packaging :

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Package Size : (4 x 1 Gallons per case)

ODOR-X #210
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